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Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is Goal/Outcome orientated, I use my NLP skills to enhance resources, skills and habits that are working for you and clear things that aren’t beneficial or even hold you back.

Examples of what I can help you with:

  • Anxiety, stress, improving focus & concentration
  • Awareness about your behavioural & thinking patterns
  • Finding harmony in different areas of life
  • Defining your dream, passion or goal/outcome
  • Healing inner unresolved conflicts
  • Identifying self-sabotage behaviours
  • Developing a plan towards your dream(s)
  • And much more

Benefits of Coaching:

  • Awareness of your values and beliefs
  • A better understanding of your behavioural patterns
  • Ability to make better decisions in line with who you are
  • Tools to manage your state and emotions
  • More Self-Confidence
  • More in charge of your own mind
  • Alignment between mind, body and spirit
  • And much more

I am bilingual (Dutch and English) and I can coach you in one of these languages.

I can work with you Online (Zoom) or In-Person (upon request).

Check out my Personal Clarity Package if you want to get away from that confused/lost feeling and create clarity for yourself.

If you’re curious about how NLP Coaching/therapy can assist you and would like to find out more:

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Frequently Asked Questions

In the intake session, Miranda will spend time identifying where you are now in life and the challenges you're experiencing, how they interfere. If necessary, she will ask some questions about your history (aligned with Therapy). She will also explore what you want or what you would like instead of your current situation - looking towards your future. She will be asking lots of questions, to identify where you are now, where you want to be, what's preventing you (interferences, like old thought patterns, habits, limiting beliefs, etc)and what resources you might need (attitudes or attributes like confidence or motivation, etc) so she can create a plan with you. The duration of the intake is 90 minutes. Future sessions (60 minutes) will be structured of the information gathered from the intake.
NLP Modality is very goal orientated. Coaching is a more goal-based outcome and Therapy is an interference clearing outcome.
Every individual is different. Some only need the intake, as clients will be asked lots of questions and the answers help them back on track. Miranda usual works between 2 to 7 sessions either weekly or fortnightly with clients.
Online NLP Coaching/Therapy intake - 90 minutes is $225. Online NLP Coaching/Therapy sessions - 60 minutes is $150. Miranda also offers discounted Coaching Packages. All prices are in Australian dollars.
NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming. NLP helps you understand the language of your minds that creates the programs that you run in your life so that you can remove un-resourceful programs and enhance the useful ones. Neuro: Our nervous system, brain/mind and how that interacts with your body. Linguistic: The words and language we use to communicate internally and externally. Programming: Unconscious programs and patterns of our thoughts, emotions and behaviours.
Full payment is required upon scheduling an appointment. Cancellations will be refunded with at least 72 hours notice, no refunds will be processed for less than 72 hours notice. Changes in appointments are possible up to 36 hours.