Me writing…

MirandaHearing the wind traveling through the leaves and seeing the sun reaching through the clouds and light up the ocean before me. I’m aware how blessed I am. Sitting on my balcony, my senses get triggered.

Wow how a place can inspire you to new things. Thinking I love to read and writing things down myself now it makes me happy.

I mean all the stories that already have been written and still knowing my stories will make a difference too, is a revelation. The story I wrote a couple of years ago helped people in my surroundings. Even the thinking mind doesn’t comprehend the unconscious mind stores it and will give the person back the words of my story when they need them… And even I had stories in my head and never share them yet. Me moving to be closer to the ocean and beach, triggered me to start writing them and getting them out of my head. Even if it is a new path, I’m excited to start putting the words on paper myself and experience what they will bring me and the people who are open to read them.

Welcome to my scribbles.

Liefs, Miranda

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