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My purpose is to make the tough times a little bit easier for you with these freebies.

As I have been through a couple of different changes of situations – like a break-up, burn-out and I’ve been made redundant. Those times were tough and life just keeps ongoing, it doesn’t stop and give you time to adjust. Each freebie I made would have been helpful to me during those changes of situations.


Free Guide – 5 Easy Ways to Change Your Emotional State
Just after the break-up, I was grieving and some days to go to work was hard. I made this document to give you ways to easily and effortlessly change your emotional state or mood. It may take a couple of tries and I guarantee it will help you to manage your emotional state better.

Personal Stocktake
When I was going through a change of situation, it sometimes felt as if everything wasn’t going well. That wasn’t through as in the worst time of my life I got promoted to manager, so my career area went well. This document will help to create awareness of how you’re tracking in 6 main areas of life.

Relaxation Audio script
Have you ever experienced that your mind doesn’t stop? Even pops on in the middle of the night and wakes you or even during the day your mind just stays in thinking mode. It’s hard to relax and turn off. In this approximately 13-minutes audio script, I guide you to just come back to you and have just a moment for yourself, to relax. You deserve it! It might even help to fall asleep.