Drifting thoughts

I am lying at the pool, catching some sunlight and becoming more relaxed. My eyes wander around the pool, as I see a lady putting really high heels on her feet.

And my thoughts go wander… Firstly I think; wow, she can walk on those heels… Secondly my curiosity comes up… Really, those high heels at the pool. Couldn’t there be anything more comfortable for your feet. And yes, I am aware that’s my Model of the World! For me my Havianas are holy! Especially during summer, they’re almost glued to my feet.

So then I am just curious, why does this lady choose those shoes to wear at the pool. Does it make her feel sexy? Or does she do it for her partner? Or are the shoes comfortable for her? All good questions, as all the thoughts are my own assumptions. I didn’t go to her and ask her reason for wearing those ‘really’ high heels.

And at the same time my thoughts drift towards what is important to me? I like to feel beautiful and what others think is important too. I know I am external oriented, meaning I do like compliments ;-). And how to change it to internal… For me comfort is more important when I am relaxing… And of course I look great in my bikini 😉 But joking aside…

What’s important to me about my body? Accepting me, loving me, just the way I am… Two years ago I was 12 kilo’s heavier then I am now. Am I really happy with my body now? Do I totally accept me? How I look now? Do I really look great in my bikini now? I still have tummy fat. Is that important? I am much healthier now, swimming a minimum of 2 times a week and walking. So what’s important… to me?

And all these questions started with me watching someone putting high heels on her feet! Good questions though!

As I know the importance of positive thoughts, I am happy, I am asking questions now, instead the Internal dialogue doubting myself or even talking negatively to me. Now I have the skills to be aware of my thoughts, as I now also know my unconscious mind is always listening.

And I am only human, I still learn every day.

Liefs, Miranda

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