About me

I am Miranda and originally from The Netherlands. My husband and I moved to Sydney in 2015.

Living  in Australia has been a dream of mine since I visited my friend in 2004 in Sydney.  The moment I stepped of the aeroplane, I felt like coming home. After the holiday, I was sure I would live in Australia, I felt it in me, the only thing I didn’t know was how & when.

In 2010, I met my husband and he always had a dream to live in an English speaking country. In 2012, we went on holiday to Australia and travelled around. And luckily enough, my love for Australia became a shared love.

I started my NLP journey in 2009 intending to improve my communication. I completed my NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner in 2013/2014 before moving to Sydney in 2015.

After a couple of months of living in Sydney, I joined the ABNLP (new name NLPAA). As I learned my NLP in Dutch, I wanted to re-do all my NLP training in English. I started my NLP Practitioner in September 2015 at NLP Worldwide, and in March 2017 I finished all of my NLP training certifications and I became an NLP Coach, Consultant & Trainer.


Coogee beach