Hmm isn’t she Dutch

Some of you know me and know I’m Dutch so why am I writing all my scribbles in English could have been a question you had on your mind. Even for me it’s a question I asked myself. Well one of the things is the country I live in now. Australia is my new surroundings for almost 17 months now. Specifically Sydney and surroundings.


And even there are a lot of Dutch people here, English is still the first language here. 😃 The other thing is I started reading my first English books when I started traveling on my own the first time in 2001. The fact that I had English in my school still wasn’t enough. I thought if I start reading in English I surround myself with the words and get myself more accustomed to the language. Even now I still need google to help me out sometimes to express myself in English or translate an English word I’m reading or asking colleagues/friends of mine to explain. But bottom line it reaches more people I reckon if I write in English…

And honestly it helps me to get better and better in a language I use each and every day at the moment. So that’s my choice and answer and if you don’t know exactly what I mean just use translation on google or write me a message and I will explain in my Dutch language. (presupposing your Dutch 😉)

Liefs, Miranda

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