Existing versus Living

When I had just broken up with my former boyfriend, I went through the motions day by day. On Weekdays I went to my work and at weekends I would dive into my social life to just avoid the hurt and grief I was feeling. I thought then I was living, as I did so much, I think every minute was just filled up, planning lots of fun outings with friends, like concerts and dinners. Going to family over the weekend. Even when I was home alone, I would call friends and family for hours.

Looking back – I see that part of my life as if an existing stage of my life.

An explanation I found on the internet about existing versus living:

Although both verbs live and exist mean to remain alive, we often use them in different contexts. Existing refers to remaining alive or continuing to be; in simple terms, it can be described as doing what is necessary to stay alive. When compared to existing, living means to enjoy your life and savour every movement of it.

I believe there’s a purpose in existing and living stages and you will do both in life.

If I look back, there are a couple of times in my life that I was existing, like after breakups, my burnout and when I lost a friend or family member.

Existing for me is going through motions and your responsibilities in life, and I do believe there are times you need just go through daily life to get through whatever you’re going through.

I also believe there can be a point you choose to stay in the existing stage longer than need to be.

For me, living is not only enjoying every moment, but it’s also being aware of the moment you’re living in and accepting what is at that moment. That also can be that you’re not feeling 100% and knowing that you’re doing the best you can.

Living for me means also being aware of your life, being aware of what’s important to you, setting goals and lining up things you want out of your life.

Don’t get me wrong I mean we’re all human beings, so sometimes even if you want to live – life happens too and you might need to exist for a while and that is ok!

What do you believe about existing versus living?

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