Turning 41

In a couple of weeks I am turning 41… verjaardagOMG is the first thought crossing my mind, at the same time what’s that number…

And I’d I be honest, I expected a couple of things when I was in my twenties when I would reach the 41.

  • Being a mother

That’s something that isn’t happened… So how do I comprehend…

Well sometimes I do and sometimes I really don’t! I have a wonderful life don’t get me wrong. I Have a wonderful hubby, friends and family, but society still expects it too. I know I don’t have to think about that. I mean it’s my life! And still you get questions. And I don’t mind… I mean I’m all for questions but the box people put you in, that’s hard. And do I let people… I mean NLP taught me to manage my state. So I choose how I feel or think! And still I’m human too.

It’s getting older that I’m afraid off. I mean being together with René is great and we do lots of fun things and thinking of when we’re older… We’re the two of us and it’s a double feeling too… Being a mother will still be welcome and still respect the nature. And doing a well formed outcome (NLP process) for being a mom feels weird to do… I could do it and will think about it… Still feels weird…

But what bothers me from society: I think it’s about assumptions that bothers me the most. I mean it’s not by choice we’re not parents (yet). And the only thing I can do is answer questions if people ask…

So if you have questions always ask me, I’ll be honest and tell you if I don’t want to answer.

Thanks for reading.

Liefs, Miranda

2 thoughts on “Turning 41

  • 5 August 2016 at 5:12 am

    I feel the same sentiments Miranda. After being called the most likely girl in my high school group to have lots of children in my twenties, I am now the only one without children… including the friend that didn’t want children! Some days it is frustrating to be asked ‘Why no kids?’ or even worse the people who mean well and tell you ‘It’s not too late’ and give you unasked for fertility advice. As I get older I have become less affected and mix up my replies to their questions to see what response I get… What can I say, I’m a bit mischievous sometimes!

    • 15 August 2016 at 10:05 am

      Thanks for sharing, Abi. I know people mean well and I think if we share our thoughts and pains about this, people will understand our perspectives more too…

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